Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an account for App4Rating?

You can get an account by choosing a package on our website. After payment, you will receive an email with the logon credentials.

When you need more than 9 reviewers (or if you want to add more administrators), you can purchase additional users. This option is also available under the packages on our website.


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How can I terminate my account?

You don’t have to do anything for this. When the period of your choosen package has ended, the account will be automatically disabled.

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How do I know if the period of my package is almost ending?

We will notify you per mail when the period of your package is almost ending. At this moment you can extend your account by choosing a new package.

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What are the system requirements for the maintenance system?

The maintenance system of App4Rating will work well on a computer with the following minimal requirements:


Operating system:

Windows Vista or higher, Apple OSX from 10.8 and higher



– Google Chrome

– Firefox

– Safari

– Internet Explorer 11 and higher


Our advice is to work with Google Chrome.

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What are the system requirements for the App?

IOS 8.0 or higher

Android 4.0 or higher

We advice you to work with a tablet when using the App. The App is working fine on a smartphone, but when considering the layout the App, a tablet is most preferabele.

The App will work on most smartphones/tablets with IOS (Apple) and Android. It is difficult to indicate on which brands and types the App will work, due to all changes and updates in the market. When your smartphone/tablet is not older than 4 years, it should work. When you have problems with a specific brand/type, please let us know via our website.

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How can I log on to the maintenance system?

You can log on to the maintenance system by clicking on the following link:

Only an administrator can log on to the maintenance system. An administrator and a reviewer can log on to the App.

This means that an administrator is responsible for maintaining:

– Candidates

– Users (Administrators and Reviewers)

– Activities

– Reports

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What to do when I forgot my password?

There is a link available at the login screen in the maintenance system and in the App where you can reset your password. By entering your registrated email, you will receive an email. In this email there will be a link with which you can reset your password.

When you forgot your resistrated email address, you can ask your administrator to check for you. If you are the administrator, you can contact us via the contact form on our website. We will then send you the registrated email address, with which you can perform the reset action.

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Do I need WIFI or an internet connection for the App?

For the App WIFI or an internet connection is needed. Of course you will need this when downloading the App, but also the retrieving and creating of candidates, activities and reviews needs a connection.

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Where can I download the App?

You can download the App in the Apple App store and in the Google play store

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How is a grade of a review determined?

The following objects play an important role in the calculation of a grade for a review:

  • Rewarding type
  • Rewarding range
  • Weighing percentage of the rating criteria
  • Review of the reviewer(s)

Rewarding type

The following rewarding types are available within App4Rating:

  • 3 stars
  • 4 stars
  • 5 stars
  • Digits

Rewarding range

The rewarding range is only relevant when you choose a rewarding type with stars (When choosing digits, an average is determined for the entered digits). With the range you can set the minimum and maximum value for the grade. The minimum value is 0, the maximum value is 10.

Weighing percentage

A weighing percentage is added to every criterion of a part. This way you can make some criteria more important than other criteria.


The reviewer is of course the most important factor in determining the grade for the candidate. He/she will rate every criterion that has been entered for the specific part.

How is the grade determined?

A candidate will earn points for every criterion of a part. The grade will be the sum of all criteria of a part.

For example: An activity has been created with a rewarding type of 5 stars and a rewarding range from 0 till 10. When the reviewer rates a criterion with 1 star, this wil llead to ( (10-0) / 5 ) 2 points. With 5 stars this will be 10 points and with 2 stars 4 points.

There have been 2 criteria defined for a specific part in the activity:

  • Criterion 1, with a weighing percentage of 60 %
  • Criterion 2, with a weighing percentage of 40 %

Criterion 1 will determine the grade for 60 %. This criterion is for example graded with 4 stars. This will lead to ( (4 * 2) * (60/100)  ) 4,8 points. When criterion 2 is graded with 3 stars, this will lead to ( ( 3 * 2 ) * (40/100) ) 2,4 points. The grade for the part is the sum of all points, so it will be a ( 4,8 + 2,4 ) 7,2.

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Can I determine my own levels for a candidate?

You can set the current and desired level of a candidate. To make it easy for you as an administrator, a value list is added when entering the levels. This value list consists of all unique levels that you have entered previously for your candidates.

But you can also add a new level manually. This new level will also be in the value list the next time when you add or modify a candidate.

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