Are you also still using paper documents within your company or club to document the reviews of your employees or members? And because of this, you also miss the possibility to report over these reviews in an easy way? App4Rating can help you with these questions and offer you a complete product for reviewing your employees and/or members.

App4Rating offers you the following possibilities:

Registration of candidates and reviewers

Creating activities

Creating templates for activities

Link candidates to an activity

Reviewing a candidate by 1 or more reviewers

Determining an average score for a review by multiple reviewers

Creating reports for a candidate and/or an activity

Displaying previous activities of a candidate

How it works

App4Rating is a flexible solution, so it doesn’t matter what kind of activity you want to review. This can be an exam for taekwondo or judo, but also a dancing contest. You can also use App4Rating to register the yearly review of employees within a company.

De App4Rating solution consists of 2 components:

  • A maintenance system
  • An App (available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store)

With the maintenance system data of the candidates, reviewers and administrators can be registered. The activities and templates for the activities are also created and managed here. A template can be used to create a set of parts and review criteria. This set can be reused multiple times within an activity, which leads to a significant reduction of time when creating an activity.

Candidates can be linked to an activity after creating the activity. The results can be displayed in the maintenance system when a review has been executed with the App. There is the possibility to modify the calculated score (for example during a discussion with other reviewers) and to add additional remarks for a part. A report can be created (and downloaded or printed) when the review has been executed

The only function of the App is to execute the review. In the maintenance system it is determined which criteria must be reviewed. Also the way of reviewing (stars or digits) is determined in the maintenance system. The reviewer has the possibility to also enter a free text for additional remarks.


Choose the package that fits you or your company the best.

1 Month
€ 25,00
1 Admin
9 Judges / App-users
Unlimited activities
Unlimited candidates
24/7 available
Duration 1 month
1 Year
€ 156,00
1 Admin
9 Judges / App-users
Unlimited activities
Unlimited candidates
24/7 available
Duration 1 year
Extra user
€ 1,00 - 12,00
1 Admin or jury account
The extra user will be linked to the current package regarding the duration of the package.
The price of an extra user is € 1,00 per month for the remaining duration of the current package

If you need more than 10 users (the sum of all administrators and reviewers) within your organization,
than it is possible to extend your package with additional users.

Demo account

There is the possibility to apply for a demo account. With this account you will have unlimited access to App4Rating for 3 days. Within these 3 days you can find out if App4Rating is suitable for your company or club. With help of the contact form on this site you can request for this demo account!


In the video below the functionalities are shown of the maintenance system and the app of App4Rating.

Are you interested in a video of a specific function of App4Rating?


This is how the app looks like

And the maintenance system

* Click on the images for a bigger view


Do you have a question or a remark? Or do you want to apply for a demo account? If so, please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.





With the button below you can logon to the maintenance system of App4Rating. For this you will need an account. We advise you to check the available packages on our site if you don’t have an account yet. For questions, you can also reach us by filling out the contact form.